Here's a little history on me, Saeid, and Luisa, my wife, on how we got started

in this journey.

Our backgrounds are in Engineering and Computer Science.
But we've been in the creative field for around 20 years now. I am an Architectural

Photographer, and Luisa is an Interior Designer and Space Planner.

After having lived in the UAE for nearly 17 years, we started living between the Philippines and Iran a few years back and started doing crafts out of an interest to stay creative.

In Iran, we lived in an orchard and I did all the plumbing and electrical work. So, there were always lots of plumbing spare parts and electrical wires lying around. I started using pipes to make lamps a couple of years back. The Coca Cola Bottle Lamp is one of our first creations.
We were also involved with crafts in the Philippines. We regularly took part in weekend markets and both Luisa and I started using wood and glass as well as metal in our crafts. Those materials lend themselves well to our style of crafting.


In 2015 we decided to move back to the UAE and start our crafting business here. We were fortunate enough to come across ARTE, the Makers Market. Very quickly it became our favorite market and we take part in it every Friday.

Our work is about making things that will be around for many many years. There is no built in obsolescence. Everything is made to last. It is made to show its age as years go by, but also to keep functioning as it was originally intended.


We keep our products as elemental as possible and often use rescued and recycled wood in our products. As much as possible, we like to use wood with all the cracks and holes showing, much the same way we find them.