If you're serious about your coffee brewing - you need this!


Use this to make Cold Drip Coffee that tastes amazing and keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Cold Brew tastes less acidic than Hot Brew and generally is much richer in taste. Once you have a properly made cup of Cold Brew, it's hard going back. 


So how do you use this? The Coffee Filter and the ground coffee beans go in the Glass Funnel. Put Ice Water in the top glass jug and open the tap just enough to get drops of water coming down. A one liter container takes 6-8 hours to make. Can't rush a great thing  you know!


This can also be used to make a perfect cup of Hot Drip. Filter and Coffee go in the same Glass Funnel, but now you'll be pouring hot water over it. Takes 3-4 minutes to make the perfect cup of hot coffee.


Hand made in the UAE with the highest quality parts available. A great conversation piece. Give it to the person who has everything and this will be one gift that will actually be used, loved, talked about and appreciated.


Our dispensers are easy to use, easy to clean, need no maintenance and are built to last

Hold and Cold Brew Coffee Drip


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